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I have entered my full ssn and provided pictures of my photo id, (drivers license) and it simply will not accept them. I have a 810 credit score with 8 years of credit history and i was denied for the apple card 2 months ago, i ended up reapplying and increased the income and was approved with 15.99% apr.

Im Furious Just Declined For An Apple Card With An 819 Credit Score And Mid-six Figure Income I Just Need To Rant About It Rapplecard

As long as you pay on time, interest rate is irrelevant.

Apple card denied reddit. Oh well i paid in full instead of 4 months. I have tried several times over the past 2 days and it keeps coming back with the same identity cannot be verified screen. But what about if you weren’t.

Such a wide range is a promising indicator that apple is willing to approve those without the most stellar credit score. The resolution was to freeze your chexsystems report and then try again 15 minutes later. Dps that i've read from reddit community for apple card state that it's reccommended that you wait at least 90 days (since the date you last received a cli) if it is your first cli (first cli since being approved), i don't believe there is any definite rule on how often and how early you can request for one, but most of the time you will get., click on the statement tab, then click the download icon on the statement you want to view. As of june 30, 2020, if you’ve been denied the apple card, you may see a notification on your device offering you the opportunity to join the path to apple program. Apple card (the very next day):

There has to be more to it that just an account closed by grantor. By kate kozuch november 01, 2019. Also, the apple card is made of titanium and doesn't have a card number on it, which makes it less susceptible to fraud and gives it a sleek look.

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Second time dealing this same company and both times have not been good. I'm july my denial said a bank recently closed your account or something to that effect. My wife was approved for the apple card a while back for $40k and she has a card that is annotated closed by grantor.

Whether you applied for the card to enjoy the cash back benefits, the privacy or the special financing on apple products, you might be wondering if it's possible to get an increase to your credit limit. But issuers have been cutting down on those benefits in recent. I mean, a little late on the thread, but i turned 18 back in november, and haven’t ever had anything remotely close to a credit card or a loan in my name;

In the wallet app, tap the total balance panel on the main screen, scroll down, then tap on the statement you want to view. You're currently past due or have recently been past due on a debt obligation Apple card denied over closed checking/savings.

I decided to volunteer as a tribute and requested a cli a couple min. Applications are approved or denied by apple's financial partner, goldman sachs, and that institution may reject your application for the following reasons: Anybody else having problems applying for there apple card?

The whole point of the card is you are not supposed to be late, and it calculates your limit based on what you can pay to prevent that. But i still got approved for the apple card, i honestly couldn’t tell you how since my credit history has been completely blank. The rep said give them a minute and.

I applied for the goldman sachs apple card got denied for my apple card at $2000 with a 721 score and income of 105000. But yes, if you normally are late with card payments it may not be the best option. Goldman sachs is approving/denying cli's instantly now.

Apple aimed to make the ‌apple card‌ available to as many people as possible and there have been reports of people with credit scores in the 600s being approved, but there are still reasons. The apple card is slowly rolling out to american consumers on a limited basis. Sure why not, could be a nice card to buy some apple stuff with.

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Apple launched its first credit card in august 2019, and just seven months later the apple card had an estimated 3.1 million users, according to cornerstone advisors. Opened a high proportion of trades recently. Im just a small fish so they don't care.

A new path to apple card program can help those who've been rejected reapply. Which, of course, is totally normal when you apply for any credit card. The interest rate is only applicable if you are late on your payments.

Some people on reddit claim their apple card applications have been declined. The apple card 's benefits don't include many things traditionally offered by other credit cards, such as travel insurance, rental car insurance, purchase protection or extended warranties. Apple card credit limit increase dps.

Ago and it was instantly denied 😂. Armed with numerous myfico forum reports, including apple card acceptance with a 620 fico9 score and rejection with scores higher than apple’s stated 660 threshold, i found that bankruptcy. The reddit applecard forums have multiple data points confirming.

There could be any number of reasons why your apple card application may have been declined. Sign into your account on the website portal: Highly utilized on too many bankcard trade (s) recently or insufficient information on bankcard trades.

My apple card got declined at the apple store: The apple card works as a physical card or on an apple watch or iphone. Apple card offers an apr between 13.24% and 24.24% based on your credit score, and all approved cardholders will be placed at the bottom of the interest tier they fall into, which will save everyone a little bit of interest.

The proportion of your credit limit you have used and paid is not.

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